fibreglassing even with antihistamines

So this may be why I have held off making fibreglass jackets. I also am going to insist on better antihistamines. Oh look actual no make up selfie ;) Ouchy ouchy ouchy. And I still have to do a smooth coat over the helmet and the other side of the gorns. Oh a photo of all that would be good too…

Fibreglassing even with antihistamines…
Anyway, jackets for Shae Vizla helmet mold and Maleficent horns well under way ๐Ÿ™‚ Still debating whether to remove the Silurian sculpt to free up my headcast or not. I have a hankering to make a nifty helmet. That said I probably could use my handy dandy foam and card supplies to make a master to work from given how “simple” the design is. Or one of them.

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