My @JosyRose_Tweet sequin film arrived :)

The colour is gorgeous! Super pale! Super pale, I was worried it would be quite dark but it’s only just warmer than my Shimmer Sheetz, not darker. To the recharged camera!

DSC_0227 sm_DSC_0213

sm_DSC_0212  sm_DSC_0215 sm_DSC_0216

It’s a very similar thickness and the film is still a bit fragile however when you see the state the post bag it was in by the time it got to me it’s not that surprising. I have two rolls and I think that is over kill.

I played with looking at the film in different directions and yes, you can control just how much pink or blue you get by using the film vertically one way or the other.

Really surprised by how pale this is. It’s great! Very tempted to get samples from all over the place to compare them to. But this is about as close to the colour of her dress at the end of Let it Go when she is in bright brilliant light that makes her dress look like pale mid tone blue.

I also found my basic slap some clay on a wire frame video for Maleficent. It’s taking 200 odd mintues for 7 minutes of video, but if I knock back the quality it winds up being very low quality by the time youtube has finished processing.

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