Super tired and sore

I had to write out a request for script repeats (druuugs) and could barely do it. In fact it was so bad they got one of them wrong…

Slept much of the rest of the day and there will be an early night’s sleep tonight.

I mentioned how gaming helps with my sleep? Well I still get my usual anxiety dreams but when I’ve played an RPG I do definitely have more control in my dreams. So while I have the same dreams they don’t lead to so much real world anxiety. Because I did wake up with them feeling pretty damn awful.

Last night’s one definitely had the small animal (try to save- I did!) and packing for travel (success!) and worse, the person demanding I pack was my old singing director. Who in real life made it clear I was at the school to make up numbers and would fail. I actually got some damn fine scores for my final assessment thankyouverymuch.

I actually did confront her. Well, I had already lost the ability to get back my deposit so thought fuck it. And told her to her face she was wrong. I don’t think expected me to have the courage to do that. I have so little respect for how the school was run though that my diploma is…. I have no idea actually. My BSc needs to be replaced due to fire damage so is carefully stored. I think it may be in my “necessary” storage with tax and bank mail.

Well it was not long after Elric (freaking) Cooper told me I would be very good at singing Glitter and Be Gay from Candide. It’s only like the jewel in a sopranos crown and for him to single this plain jane out for that song? I think it may have been a bit of a wrong rub for those who only ever let me be a plain jane.

Gotta say the song is so me. It really is. And I can bounce those long passes pretty darn well 🙂

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