Current plan.

I am torn between the RD16a set and I just need the chest and belt to have everything modable. It’s just super subtle and not at all OTT like the pink dye options (of those will go in something else.

Anwyay. I can’t really make two sets of armour so I need to decide between Rescue or my RD16A.

To help me decide… if I get this impossible to find chest piece I will make that. If not Resue. And the time frame? Well my work room just needs my old desk replaced and it is perfect. Everything in about waist height right around the room and it is only this desk that upsets the balance.

Pepper will still have a helmet, and I will still repair my helmet molds for Shae/RD16a but slowly.

I spent the night and day sewing cat ears on some projects that have been stalled for years. Personal projects 🙂

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