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  1.  sheliesshattered said: Fwiw, I’ve had good luck with using both iDye and iDyePoly together, in similar colors (Violet and Purple in my case, iirc) on a cotton-poly blend fabric. Just tossed both packets in the washing machine with the fabric, turned out great.

Yeah, I’ve done similar with other fabric mixes but it does depend on how the mix of fibres is made up and sometimes on the existing colour and dye interactions.

If it’s in the yarn and twisted together you can get patches of higher or lower poly: cotton ratios- like in sheeting. You can even feel that at times. It can lead to some blotchyness even if the dye is even.

If it is in the weave (two yarns twisted/shuttled or whole warp/weft blocks) then you can get some super funky shot effects. My silk/cotton mix brocade for my Spanish gown I suspect has a cotton core (weft) and silk faced warp, but the cotton still pills if I try and wash by hand.

Anyway, depending on how very specific you want a colour is how easy it is going to be to dye.

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