Dear internet – I don’t want a liquid only diet, I don’t want pre-made diet shakes, I want the best kind of full-bodied but blendable soups D: Gdi. 

Any suggestions, folks?

Soups! I love making soups 🙂

My fave (aside from pumpkin- pumpkin, garlic and salt and nothing else except water 😉 ) is mushroom. You can chop them as fine or coarse as you like and you can also blend in a blender after. I just saute them in a little butter/oil with garlic, then salt and usually will add wine for some tang. Then I make a slurry of four/cornstarch and make up the body with that. Maybe some cream or sour cream. I tend to use big flats rather tan button mushrooms. But fresh wild mushrooms are amazing. 

Onion soup or leek soup (saute with a stock cube) makes a great base for a range of soups/casserole type deals. Also blendable. Also with a thickener/creamer of your choice.

And I just recently steamed fresh asparagus and sauteed broad beans with a stock cube and added spinach and the asparagus added a dolop of cream and bulked up with water.. And then blended. It was very much like a delicate saag or palak.

Also potato and pea or potato and leek soup is easy to make. 🙂 

Basically with a preferred stock base I pretty much will make use of any vegetable. 

I don’t know what allergies/intolerances you have but I generally use ingredients that have substitutes (oil/butter, wheat/cornstarch/cream). Coconut cream works with some flavours too. I generally stick to regional produce with regional flavours. Pretty sure though coconut cream goes well with pumpkin 🙂

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