[Image: A device in a fridge holding a gallon of orange juice so that a simple handle can be pulled down to pour to juice rather than having to pick the gallon jug up. The text reads: “Laziness. Level: ‘Murica”]






Idk. I have difficulty with full gallons of milk and orange juice. This could be really great for people with dyspraxia or other disabilities that cause weak motor skills.

A. Full gal of anything is just asking for me to make a mess, really. I haveta pour with two hands and then who is holding the cup?

my partner has awful hand tremors if she has to hold anything tightly for more than a few seconds so this would be excellent. She could pour her own drinks (she still couldn’t fill them up too much, shaking might spill) and yeah!

I have an inconveniently intermittent tremor so it is like…. Oh you THOUGHT you were holding that just fine… Lol.

Stuff also just drops from my hand if I am not paying attention to it. Plates and cups tip forward until I have a mess. Always have done too. My mom was always mad at me like I was intentionally doing it. But damn I still spill stuff. I usually eat and drink out if heavy things just so I can have two hands on what I am pouring. And wandering around leads to drooping and dropping inevitably unless I am consciously thinking about keeping it level.

Plus, this is great for small children who can’t hold a huge gallon but want to get their own milk/orange juice.

I swear, sometimes the people making judgments about shit are so short-sighted. I DON’T SEE ANY USE FOR THIS SO IT MUST BE USELESS.

Fuck that.

Ableism: When you are so used to having a world that works for your level of ability and skills and resources that assistive devices look like “laziness” to you. Because you don’t ever have to think about what it would be like if suddenly your abilities didn’t match the way the world has been designed. 

And fuck this laziness bullshit. Fuck the idea that if you do something to make a menial task easier, quicker, less messy – even a task that you COULD do another, more labor intensive way – that it’s laziness. Assholes, humanity is the dominant form of life on this planet exactly because of this.

Laziness, and by laziness, I mean figuring out ways to do things with the least amount of time and labor put into it while still getting the same or better result – is OUR FUCKING GENIUS AS A SPECIES. It’s why you even have fucking orange juice in a fucking jug, asshole OP who made this picture. It’s why you even have fucking Tumblr on the fucking internet or fucking photography. Because lazy motherfuckers have been figuring out how to use less work and less resources to get the same/better results for tasks they do for centuries. So write them thank you notes, don’t show your ass. Fucker


Reblogged for commentary. There is a word for those things that help us do things in less time with less effort: efficiency. So, essentially, asking for help is really asking to learn to do some things more efficiently so we can enjoy our lives.


Reblog for the commentary. FFS. I cannot pour from even 2L bottles at times and have to half slide the blasted thing along the bench to reach the top to the brim of my glass/bowl and then use my other hand to either dip the glass or lift the bottom of the bottle. I often hug larger bottles while pouring as well. Generally the slide and dip approach because while being entirely energy wasteful I am less likely the wind up with milk or resin all over me.

A device like this would save me a lot of humiliating workarounds. And help millions of other people. And not everyone has a family/partner/assistance to ask for help when it s actually needed.

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