The Soft Pompadour and Psyche Knot.
From Girls Own Paper and Woman’s magazine, 1911.

Text instructions here.

That’s me! Finally someone blogging the actual address! Thank you!

Also I have plans (hah!) of getting an A3 bed scanner to be able to more safely scan my books 🙂 And I can get them on my site properly- these have been online since what… 2000-02? So that means with my very old Agfa scanner. Wow. 

There are so many nifty fashion plates in these Girl’s Own books. And I have managed to read a few of the serials published. I also happen to have the annuals that cover a change in the editor. The magaine shifted focus quite dramatically. My 1907-08 books are much more focused on pretty frocks vs later where it was more practical. Also knitting and crochet patterns galore.

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