This was especially true of my old last name, but it’s still true now because either people are just pronouncing the “accepted” anglicized pronunciation or they think it’s two syllables and not one and getting it entirely wrong.  With my old name, I’d constantly get white English speaking people telling me it made no sense, and even correcting my spelling of my OWN LAST NAME because it didn’t seem “correct” to them.  I often got stuff back in the mail, or admin stuff, that had “fixed” my last name.  Now they just fix my first name. >_>  (Apparently Ami without a Y is too hard for some people to process)

I once had a doctor decide that despite the fact I filled out my name on the form, Kim was too improbable a name for a boy so I must have meant Jim (uppercase Ks and Js looking so alike) and wrote a prescription for a James Westoon.

Let me tell you, I was very reluctant to take those pills.  I also used to receive a lot of misgendered mail from my university and other places that ignored the Salutation checkbox and decided that by Mr I really meant Ms.

Everyone who sees my surname in writing always pronounces it wrong, but I’m okay with that because it’s such a rare surname that I can’t reasonably expect people to know who’s rules to follow.

Almost every person I’ve introduced myself as “Sylvie” to, has gone, “Oh! Sylvia?” Um, no. That is not my goddamn name. Never has been! And though I love my friends dearly, some of you are very good at calling me ‘Slyvie’ or ‘Sylive’. Y’all are lucky you are cute.

I got called Michelle Andrea at my own graduation ceremony! Hello? My middle name has an X in the middle of it…. Also I often got confused looks when I’d turn up to class/labs because people would skip the a on the end of my name… 
There is a reason I go by my initials online. It’s a fancy ass name and too formal. 

I know I have typed Slyvie on more than one occasion. I think people stop and type out my name letter by letter because that ae/ea thing is rarely an issue now. I do have a SHIELD card with it the wrong way around but I love it so I really don’t care 😉 And I carry it everywhere like real ID…. 

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