I may have “claimed” one silver frock, but there really are so many, and though my previous entry didn’t show it well the Russian silver gowns are amazing! I haven’t even started looking for portraits of silver frocks!
Coronation Dress Of Catherine The Great In The Kremlin Armoury Dresses In The Kremlin Armoury

I’m looking at importing my lj posts over here (fingers crossed! They are all text with no images embedded so it shouldn’t kill my website) but I have also updated my Reiette and random silver frock posts to all have the same tag as here (silver court gown- my Spanish gown is nicknamed Silly Spanish Gown but is tagged spanish, saya and similar).

Also digging through my old links, I have found some interesting techniques 🙂 Like this:


Anyway, I deliberately chose a gown I could change if there was someone who desperately wanted to do that specific one. so let me know and I can find out which one I can swap to 🙂 I do though prefer the crazy flat front of the Swedish gowns over the pleated Russian, which is odd as I usually prefer draping. But seriously look at these beauties up there! Plain silver embroidered with a gold repeat, plain silver with heavy silver foliate ground up design, plain silver with gold ribbon work all over it and I think the very last one is scrolling silver on silver.


I have also linked in posts about Reinette and any other silver or silver and white gown from this time. I felt in love/hate with the Rocket dress when I first read Hollywood and History many decades ago (nice section there actually on Star Wars 😉 ) because I could find them and they are all part of the long history of wanting a Big Ass Silver gown. From the 18thC. I mean the silver tissue gown (1660s) was probably the first gown where I understood what cloth of gold/silver actually meant.. and I just have a thing for silver gowns anyway…


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