Stuff and more stuff!

Blood Dragon armour materials got! Well enough to make enough to be happy. I need to buy some mesh to texturise but that is easily obtained 🙂

Hannibal skirt flounce… ick. Getting there but ick. And fun and will be sloooow going. All the ribbon for the full depth of pleat is sewn. Now I have one panel pleated for pressing (same as in the last photo but with more ribbon) four.. five more panels to go… and then ribbon sewn to the top to keep the pleats flat under the lattice ribbon work. More ick but not quite so much. Would love to get tassels for each point but that may not happen. They are least $2 a pop and this was supposed to be a UFO pile declutter. We’ll see.

The headcast feels weird! New epoxy is new and strange. Very very similar to Ados but not quite so mouse wee in smell and easier to wash off the skin and it feels very light but a little brittle on my head cast. I’ll see how it sands another day because I am snoodled up in my pink hoodie bathrobe thing and ready to put my glasses away and sleep.

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