My face


I’ve put off cleaning my headcast for obvious reasons- sand sand dremeldremeldremel fight the dust sweat in my plastic coveralls…..- but also because it is freaking weird sanding your own features. And also making them a little more even and less…. Saggy. If you have ever seen a headcast you’ll spot that everyone looks jowly. This is because we don’t go around with a few pounds of alginate or silicon or plaster hanging off them. Same is true of chest casts for women (hint wear an extremely supportive bra if you want to keep even a little uplift) the weight of the cast pulls everything down.

I also have gaps and lumps and shallows to correct. Also cutting off the ears so I can make decent cowl shapes.

Once evened I’ll give it a final sealing coat. Also I have my wig form ready for the next coat so I have my own handy dandy bald cap maker!

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