Starting to look like I hoped 🙂

Sigh…. and my plan for the fastening should work. So I did have enough trim for the skirt hem…

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This is so insanely butt crazy gorgeous. The main philosophy of Maria Bjørnson was that the edges should never be straight, they should always look torn, or drape, or be zig-zagged, or pointed, or kritzy-kritzy. You’ve just achieved it perfectly here, especially in the tabs.

I’m worried the back tab is too short. But this green is so hard to find here! I am going to look for some and see if I can get a close enough match (the red hem is not the same as the drapery but doesn’t matter once the ribbons are on).

Luckily I can full the gold shapes off if I warm the back- HnB will leave a residue but if I’m removing this full stop…

But I don’t know what end to add the extra too… Oh no. Oh woe. Time to look through inspiration folders. How sad.

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