Starting to look like I hoped 🙂

Sigh…. and my plan for the fastening should work. So I did have enough trim for the skirt hem…

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Neimhaille, you are amazingly nuts!

I haven’t even shown the many versions of this I have made and pulled apart yet… oh man. This is my Rosebud. I may even be able to do a list of parts and when they were bought/sewn. The wrist bands will possibly be the last piece from 1999 that is unchanged (well the base anyway- totally redoing the trim and beadwork!. Many of the jewels used on it will be used on the skirt somewhere (on ribbon trim etc.)

Anyway, got the extra bling pinned in place and the pieces are finally looking like my original designs again 🙂 So I may have to do a spot of playing around with levels of pinning/sewing. And there is just enough left over to do the hip pieces and probably add a few smaller shapes to my existing bodice decorations or to redo them entirely.You don’t want a list of all all the different Aussie/World Tour bodices. I swear some of the Melbourne ones were recently revived as they are quite different from when Maree and Danielle were the leads.

I may also be wanting to pass on a few costumes so I can make the silly lilac Rooftop gown as I found the most ridiculously pretty wide lilac lace as well as all over lace fabric to make a faux Anglais from. And there is more sparkle organza at the fabric shop again….

But tomorrow I have the lounge to myself so it shall be a sewing workshop 🙂 Rows of ribbon and possibly Nyreen’s outfit. I mean seeing as I’ll be able to set up overlocker and machine on one (clean) table. My workdesk is covered in resin and urethane. Sigh. And I may just whizz out that lace and pin it to my panniers and underskirt to see how it would all look….

And for those curious, I have my Waterfall Drapery diagram here:

I’d recommend something halfway between this one and the supper mega folded one that is the first variation.

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