Heat n Bond funtimes :)


My camera on my phone is being special…. But here is the remaining trim all bonded and ready to cut to size as well as the bulk already bonded to to waterfall drape. This is almost exactly what I have in my construction guide above (hover over the menu.)
Sparkletimes! Elissa/Hannibal gown progress.

The L shaped pieces are the front of the tunic. The weird blob in the middle was from the centre front of the skirt I think. The waterfall hem was most of the hem of the shawl and there is a collar and scraps from the skirt hem (rest used for the aprom drape) lots of the tiny paisley and figure 8ish pieces from the skirt and shawl are already on the tabs. This was a three piece outfit I got at Savemart. I’m searching for the proper terms but I haven’t yet found a good match. I’ll post a photo of the outfit before I cut it apart. I’m hoping to use nearly every part of the embroidery to do the original work justice 🙂

Have I mentioned this project began in 1995 when I started it to sing “Think of Me” for a contest? It didn’t happen for many reasons but the bulk of it was sewn in 1999 and then the overhaul was started in 2006 for the cosplay contest (which I self sabotaged due to other issues). So there is a lot more behind the drive tp finish this than for the sparkles 😉

Though that helps.

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