So yeah. I was locked out of a lot of choices because I am that internet meme (I have no idea what I’m doing) but I can at least say Lizzie Shep may not have made all the best choices but they felt right. Next time. All the renegade! Maybe. Probably not. But I managed most of it spoiler free (except I knew about the ending) so now I can use a guide and make better choices 😉

Meanwhile I have cut that test pattern for the arm and leg armour. Legs are too big (but feet itty bitty and I have itty bitty feet as it is) and arms too small. But it is all good. Because I just wanted a guide and to test what I could do with the pattern. Anyway. I hope I am able to cut foam tomorrow. I don’t think I can sew for a while but I’d like to also get to work on Nyreen. My hands though may not be up to cutting and I’m not sure it’s possible o be fixed with an injection. Sigh.
I did order some more white ink so I should be able to start painting my mask at least 🙂

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