Interference pigments!!!


It’s easier to see here how very different you can make a base colour when you paint over with these translucent pigments. Interference Violet, Interference Blue and Interference Geen from left to right. Unfortunately the glue wound up matte so the pigment is very obvious vs subtle when suspended in gloss.

My fave is the blue, it’s actually more subtle in natural light. The green and violet can be mistaken for each other even though here it doesn’t look like it! It depends on what direction the pigments lie and what the angle of light come from. This is also similar to the effect you see in “fairy” organza. This is becaise the thin strips of clear mylar are coated with an interference paint. Then the colour of the support weave (usually polyester) is seen as well as the flashes from the mylar.


I think a mix of the blue and violet will work well for if I even make Lizzie Shep’s gear. If. I want to but I’m just so so so on edge about making anything new.

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