@masseffect PINK SPACE ARMOUR!!!! Well not really. But I found the violet interference tint XD I didn’t want Piiiiink armour, but I love working with interesting tints with paint XD
Also found the blue/black  (looks muted dark purple in Tint 1) and the red/black (looks… maroon in Tint 1) 

So what do I mean? Well click the video and see how the violet is neither in direct light nor direct shadow? That is not a lighting effect that is an in paint effect. I will paint up some test Pearlex pigments tomorrow to show how it works under real lighting 🙂 But it’s what makes real pearls look like pearls vs “pearl” paint which is more a fine metallic effect….

Kinda tempt to roll another Sheppie to use the dark blue duo tone. Seriously it’s smexy as heck.

Will attempt screenie comparisson of my two Lizzies.

(Also yes, there is a purple tint already in the light, but this is different, honest, some fidelity has been lost in capturing the video and then converting it too)

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