Sinuses. Yeah.

I may or may not have a funky costume for Auckgeddon. I just ordered more RC for Talon. And started new lekku. Should be a healthy balance between my two current sets 🙂 If anyone wants the giganto pair and is closer to 6 foot tall than I am (5’6″) let me know. Already painted and ready to wear! And there is about $150 worth of paint on there to stay stuck! Latona’s I have shown photos of the bottles before, they are on Talon’a actual page when I find it again.
Latona’s will eventually wear off but I can supply a flat palette to go with them 🙂 Seriously you need to be tall and strong!

I need to clear out more than a few unfinished projects due to lack of interest in finishing them. Hey! I even have some nice taupe sateen to set up behind my mannequin! But really they need out. I’m going insane surround by things. It stems from having lost everything in a quick and slow manner (if not destroyed by the fire then slowly rotted from the water of the hoses or the drycleaners boiling things four sizes smaller). But these I can let go.

So wow I have been upright and not wanted to tear my eyeballs out for an hour now. Recovery. Oh real recovery. Tired and sore but no anxiety except excitement at hopefully being able to shower tomorrow!)

Tomorrow I may get to work on tidying my head cast and wig heads. Stop!!!! No probably this weekend.

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