Space Knight, hmm.. more like Space Linebacker….

DSC_2123[1] DSC_2124[1]

This is a rescaled re calculated test of a pepakura model already available. I prefer to direct pattern but I do also like to test other methods- to understand them as much as to see if there is a new technique useful to me. I like to know the work involved because as a judge I should know what degree of difficulty is involved. So I can confidently assess the difficulty in the process. Let me stress that climate also comes in to this 😉 My paper is hard to crease because of the damp here in Auckland!
So while this is not being used for my costume, I am really happy to share the file because it is a thing of beauty in and of itself:

It is asymmetric so if you do want to use it as a base print off the silver side of the chest and mirror it and find an average for the legs.. I’m using it as a 3D reference because I have very bad eye sight and need a life size reference. Also tempted to print is as a papercraft model because she is gorgeous. I could resin her and have her stand next to Shae and Avalon (female Templar).. hmmmm… I also had a lot of fun with recalculating layout. Puzzles!!!

Anyway, I really just wanted to see whether I suited the style and even though I got the scale off (should have measured dip of shoulder to dip of shoulder rather than point to point- I think I got the legs and arm right though) I do like it. Now to decide on whether to make this or not. I really want to and I think i could make it from leather, but I may need a whole hide rather than half so I’d have to go get more.

Or do I create my own Space Knight costume? get a little originality going on?

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