Full (?) list of my costumes….

Italicised for needing a webpage, strikethrough for long gone, links to pages if they have them. Mustget a few pages sorted to dump random photos in to.

None of these were purchased, all were made by me from scratch or from very basic pieces like shoes to cover, and the only props not built from scratch were modified toys (Mara and GG Leia). Not bad for self taught Gimpy McGimperson.


Darth Talon, Star Wars Legacy, recreation, Mark II

Regina, Once Upon a Time, recreation
Shae Vizla, SWTOR, recreation
Darth Talon, Star Wars Legacy, recreation
Liara, Mass Effect 2: Shadowbroker DLC, recreation
Shaak Ti, Attack of the Clones, recreation


Reinette, Dr Who, interpretation
Bob the Tailor, wool doublet, historic, original (doublet only)
Steampunk Leia, original
Steampunk hunting outfit, original, historic. (bodice, skirt and pantaloons)
Darth Tykhi, original based on Star Wars EU characters
Shaak Ti, The Force Unleashed, recreation

1906 Day dress
Lilac Swiss gown
Strawberry Shortcake
Slave Leia, recreation, fibreglass and resin costume
Heuke, historical, 1560s regional cloak for women (cloak only, all rest made in 2008)
Surcoat and kirtle, 1560s Cologne inspired
Catwoman, recreation, Batman Returns, recreation, Mark II
Mara Jade, recreation,
Jem, recreation, cartoon classic
Admiral Daala, recreation, grey uniform
Austen girls, historic, inspired regency dresses
Lizzy dress, inspired historical, striped regency dress

Italian, historical, c1560s Italian gown
Huntress, inspired, Human hunter from AVP
Padme, recreation, light blue ensmble
Night, inspired, valois gown made over to c1600 masque costume
Cleves blue wool, historic
Witchblade, recreation, mark II
Gentle Giant Leia, recreation, mark II
1880s sheer dress, historical, make over with new bonnet

Ever After, recreation, based on the masquerade gown
Cleves doublet, historical, inspired by portraits of Cologne
Witchblade, recreation, Mark I
1560s Westfalen, historical recreation, based on the portrait of two sisters from Bunswick
Robin Sena, recreation Witchhunter Robin
Gentle Giant Leia, recreation, Mark I
Red Death, original, 1560s doublet with skull mask
Cleves dress, historical, 1560s linen day dress (bottom of page)
1880s Sheer day dress, historical, inspired by fashion plates.

Catwoman, recreation, Batman Returns  (bottom of page)
1887 grey dress, historic, inspired by photographs and fashionplates
1560s Cleves gown, historical, light blue wool based on woodcuts
1560s Cleves Gown, historical, based on several portraits of the later 16thC
Justacorps, quasi-historical, for an in costume singing competition
Wishing Gown, recreation, based on the Australian version of the dress
Surcoat, historical, based on several portraits, English
1560s pale pink wool crepe dress from Cologne/Cleves, historical, based on several woodcuts
1540s Anne of Denmark, historical, linen recreation in bright pink

1570 Westfalen, historical, based on the Mathildis von Munchausen portrait bu Ludger tom Ring d. J.
1876 Voile, Historical, based on several examples as well as portraits of the time.
1930s velvet dress, quasi-historical, based on a 1930 pattern in Patterns of Fashion, party frock
1906 day dress, historical, for The Secret Garden.
Padme’s Water Gown from Episode Three Revenge of the Sith Quick recretaion to see the Charity Premiere in Auckland.
Christine’s Think of Me dress, quick recreation based on several versions
Vibrant blue and orange camp follower original based on several portraits and woodcuts
White voile dress c1847 original based on several existing pieces

1560s Spanish Gown, recreation/adaptation of a portrait of Elizabeth de Valois by Sofonisba Anguisolla
Bella Manningham, late 1870s natural form ensemble, Recreation/adaptation of Portrait of a lady gown Nicole Kidman wore.
Black Diamonds, recreation, quasi historical, Moulin Rouge, Satine
German Renaissance, 1540s, original, historical
Yellow Lowlands Renaissance, original, historical

German Renaissance gown, 1530s, original, historical
Anna Meyer, German Renaissance 1526-1528, recreation, historical
1920s plush coat, original, “Live at Five Finger Joe’s”, Lana Luconi, Waitemata Theatre
Batgirl recreation, Batman tv series
Leyden Cardplayer, historical
Burgundian, historical
Houppelande, historical, custom
Ophelia, interpretation of Preraphaelite Art
Galadriel, recreation
Orange coat, interpretation of Eowyn, Lord of the Rings
1880’s corset, pattern from Corsets and Crinolines, silk chemise original
German/lowlands garb 16th C, original using extant pattern

Eowyn white “wool”, recreation
Black Diamonds, recreation
Pink Diamonds, recreation
Elizabeth coronation gown, recreation
Margaret, quasi historical, several inspirations, collaboration.


Pretty much everything earlier than this is strike through 😉 )
Sound of Music Novice costume, recreation
Sideless Surcote, original
Blue Dress overhaul
wedding dress overhaul

All Good Warrior Princesses Go To Heaven, Ellerslie Fashions in the Field
Irish Dance Costume, original, “Celtic Dance Force”, (Mary Kelly), Tour
Ball Gown, original, Unitec Ball

Wedding Dress refit, recreation, altered neckline, cuffs, decoration and back fastening
Phoenix, original, Millennium Ball
Ever After, recreation, Masquerade Ball (unattended)
Enchantress, original, “The Snow Queen”, (Enchantress), Waitemata Theatre
Reindeer body, not mask, original, “The Snow Queen”, (Reindeer), Waitemata Theatre
Poison Ivy, recreation, Halloween party
Turandot, original, Wedding
Dancer, original, “Then There Were Twelve”, Waitemata Theatre
Blue Dress, recreation, “Pioneering Petticoats”, (Helen Buxton), Waitemata Theatre
Pink Dress, original, “Steel Magnolias”, Waitemata Theatre (Shelby)
Hannibal Ballet Costume, recreation, Singing Competitions, (unattended)


Xena, recreation Halloween (2nd year at performing arts school)

Lady Wishfort, original, The Way of the World scene, NASDA
Queen of the Night, original, Halloween Party
Vampire Bride, original, Friday 13th party, utilising 1810 house dress of 1996
Blue Dinner Dress, adapted pattern from Janet Arnold’s “Patterns of Fashion,Christmas Carolling, worn in 1998 as Rosa Bud for an In House performance at NASDA, and as Christine Daae for my graduating concert

1810 House Dress, original, from 1810 house dress in Kohler’s “History of Costume”
Peasant, original, “Les Miserables in Concert”
Wedding Dress refit, recreation, Masquerade Ball, added deeper lace cuffs, bodice decoration
Cat costume, recreation, Griddlebone as Grizabella from “Cats”, Singing Competition, Song in Costume

Wedding Dress, recreation, first phase of the wedding dress from “Phantom of the Opera”
Wishing Dress, original, Singing Competitions, Song in Costume, as Christine Daae

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