Oh my god if you’re going to judge someone’s cosplay you better learn your fucking shit because this is Duela Dent you goddamn assholes.


Perpetually laughing over the fact that “real gamer/comic book nerd” males keep insulting women for cosplaying things they’ve never even heard of 

who’s the “fake geek” now, fuckers? 

*headesk* If you are female and in a simple costume- you are pandering to the fanboys. if you wear a complex costume you are a try hard.

And I know I’ve experienced this myself. From historical stuff (where I tend to aim right for the whackadoodle styles (Cleves anyone? that weirdo period of Bustle-ewwwwomgnobustle-bustle!!!! And not yet done but Guarda Infanta- aka the Spanish did panniers first) to my armour and bodypaint stuff. It’s why I rarely share on forums any more preferring to just post in my little corner of the internet and if people see then they see.

But you know what? This costume rocks, whether she made it herself or not, and I know fellow artists think so as well. 

But yeah, I haven’t delved so much in to comics to know Duela’s story arc but I know who she is. And er… that’s mostly from seeing cosplayers so guess what? Cosplaying lesser known characters (I think I had two people know I was Talon in NZ….) means you find out who the deep knowledge fans are. Or fellow artists are (because we tend to look at the work and go- shoot, so many elements and they all work and they are all well made and that’s a tricky material and wow!)

And I will not re-add Duela to my list of frack I wanna do that list. Shoot. Too late. 

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