Steroids.. whee!

It’s like being drunk for me. I get very chatty and yet mellow. For a one day spike anyway. If I have high doses for a few days then the rage monster comes out.

Anyway, steoids upped because my knees are totally borked from walking down hill. Yep. You can tell it’s a farked up disease and not lacof activity/injury related when you can climb stairs for 10 stories but can’t walk more than three steps down hill without having to turn sideways like a crab. Also my jaw clicked out of place (from walking I kid you not) so about 3 hours ago I just did it and took 20mg of cortizone. And now i am flying a bit. And very chummy. I love you man!

Costume related because I was informed 9gah, Sylvie!) that Lapco had reject hides on sale and I wanted to pick up some vegetanned for my Talon bikini (might need to employ someone for the brute force needed to shape it) and rivets for same (as well as some potential other costume pieces. Also dye for the same as well as to refresh my Imperial officer boots now that I am pretty sure I will fit them again (made for a model I swear- tall but narrow and with a large base.)

Then to Nick’s fabrics (I didn’t see anything for me but there is a lot of nice linen). And Geoff’s emporiaum where I spotted some beige cotton sateen for $4/m which is awesome! So it is comparable to calico for price but much better for lining and interlining as it is smooth and will shrink less due to the weave.

So a good day for my first outing in weeks, but with a very definite toll.

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