Apparently those skills I learnt back in er, well before the new millenium 😉 Have failed and I can’t make a working path to save me!I know there is an easier way and I could probably update photoshop at that. I’m trying to smooth and fix my tattoos which are pretty complex and the good old gaussian blur/levels trick is not enough to fix a few wobbly lines. So I tried paths but all my anchor points remain fixed and not able to slide along or move the section of the path. So I have just purchased some nice pens so I can print the most updated files and rescan those. Sigh. But then I can also use PS to get the gaps between each piece more even and so it will be worth it in the end.

So I’m going to have to take a break. The sky has decided to just dump rain though. Dump yes, it’s not trickly, it’s not driving it’s just falling. And flooding. So I am not all that keen to brave the walk to the workroom to try somehting else. It’s also just too heavy to go out in so no walking for me. Well… I could if I make sure to have a change of clothes ready for me when I get back. (edit: I did and I had to walk through ankle deep water so yeah it was a bit wet.)

Trying to assess what I can and can’t do in the near and semi-near future. Costume wise. I try not to think about the wider picture too much. And I do have the urge to sculpt Vastra so I have just taken some antihistamine and will back fill my headcast so I can then fill the inside with foam and sand the outer and actually have a base to work from. I made the cast when I was 10kg heavier and it shows so I may have to do a bit of creative fixing of the features to make them work now. bu the nose and mouth and brow ridge looks about right.

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