Personal isn't the same as important.

No I did not have an enjoyable show. Okay, partial lie. The absolute best part is the judging room. Talking in person and geeking over costumes and characters?  

And how could I not be happy? Seriously every one of the contestants was wonderful to talk to:


But the personal toll outside of that is very high. And I will not be able to go to a convention again without an actual minder. Not whoever has a spare moment between what they are doing, or also in costume and wanting to do the circuit. And that’s not likely to happen. If you have a regular group or partner who supports you don’t take them for granted.

I will still do the contest but personal fun time has been either non-existent for the last four shows or a waste of time (and money- it is easily three figures just to wear Talon each time, not counting the physical toll in applying it all and then wearing). 

I’m still recovering physically and emotionally and I have also been isolating myself from others so if I haven’t answered a text or message it’s because not everyone needs to see the mess. 

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