The Stash
The Molds
The Make Up, and overlockers/sergers
The Tool Chests

I figured a wee tour of my workroom was in order 🙂 To give some idea of the scale of the process before and after a costume like Nyreen, Lirar, Talon, Shaak Ti is worn 🙂

1) The stash. This is a supply of fabrics and trims collected over about 20 years. The black and yellow bins are actually in progress projects. A few are pretty much single item containers as well… One for my Think of Me gown.. one for the silly Saya y Galerilla… ehem. I have actually got rid of about half this amount again.

(Also shelves of boooooooks. Old costume books and artist specific books. Many of the books would be found in the shelves of most old school designers for historic settings- even when heavily altered). If you need one book then 20,000 Years of Fashion is the one to get. Small images but such a huge variety of good imagery of extant items and contemporary portraiture etc.)

2) Storing molds. Play spot the universe here… Lekku, armour, helmets, Slave leia.. it’s all here. And as safe as I can store them without fear of collapse.  Ultracal is heavy! Shaak Ti’s montral molds are 15kg combined (more than 30lb)

3) The orange case is full of make up and so is the black with pink trim. I don’t want to talk about collecting colours.

4) Tool chests! Or repurposed furniture 😉 The doorless wardrobe has my sewing supplies (threds, needles, scissors, notions etc.) and the chest all my traditional tools (files, knives, heat gun, dremel etc.)

And there is a roaming tv trolley with shoe projects and a roaming desk for ironing/sculpting/storage.

We are not going to discuss storage of finished projects until I get my act together  and get that storage sorted. Wigs, so many shoe boxes!

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