1. Jennifer Barclay as Tali
  2. Lindze Merritt as Miranda
  3. Rana as Samra
  4. Jia as Jack
  5. Crystal Graziano as Commander Shepard
  6. gilttersweet as Liara
  7. Unknown as Thane (if anybody knows inform me and I will credit)
  8. Unkown as Wrex
  9. My Wicked Armor as Garrus

Tumblr ate my reply.. wtf? So to try again..

Thanks for including me in this amazing collection 🙂 (Liara- I know I have too many online user names, I am trying to change some of them). And thanks to Sylvie for her photo because there is no way I’d be in that collection without her 🙂

I think Thane is http://www.cosplay.com/member/32469/

Wrex is made by CrabCat I think (there are a few sculpts but I think this is the one: http://crabcat.tumblr.com/post/9871898302/wrex not sure who is in it though.

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