I didn't know you were THAT Liara. I can't recognize you with all that alien makeup, haha. That costume (and makeup) just looks so fantastic!

Heehee, thanks 🙂

Some of the reason is my face has changed a lot in the last oooh, four years or so? I have been on steroid therapy since 2001 but every few years I have to bump the dose up from “low” to “very high!” and it makes a big difference. Here, most of the steroid moon face is gone. My face actually gets really boxy rather than round.

In person I look more the same 😉 

Edit: Tumblr wtf is going on? I can’t reply or reblog??

No worries 🙂 No insult 🙂 It’s funny how I think I look like the same goofy dork in all my photos but I have had people ask about who all the people are on my website…

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