I drew this for waifu 🙂 I wonder how she will react 

No you didn’t. I did. :3 – I don’t mind people sharing/playing with old artwork I’ve done in the slightest. but please don’t shop out my sig.

(And she looked cuter as a red head.)

AKA Don’t get caught.

This is seriously not on. I have so much to say about recasting, recolouring and redrawing….. let’s just boil it down to don’t steal and/or claim someone else’s work. Ever. Not just because you could get caught but because it is a really nasty move.

Secondly if you think it is only a little help to get you on your way (tracing, modding etc.) then why the heck couldn’t you do that work yourself!?!?!? It’s actually more like the vast majority of the work goes into the design and layout as well as original masters and molds.

Only time you’ll nekkid peoples on my blog btw. One time exception for artist’s rage!

The original post has been removed but the link remains forever.

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