Been busy creating the waterfall drapery for the back of the skirt from calico! Im so pleased at how its turned out as I didn’t have a clue what to do! But thanks to http://articles.glittersweet.com/howto/victorian/waterfall.htm for her tutorial! Helped so much! Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to buy some more fabric and get on with it!! 

Glad it helped 🙂 My first try was sort of winged but then I was determined to find a simpler solution 🙂
I was going to rearrange my website (I had to uninstall wordpress as my host PHP thing clashed and my site totally broke 😉 ) but I may just leave the html pages as they are for a while 🙂 Hopefully with some additions soon to the articles sections 🙂 I have a guide on latex application to upload. Not a step by step as such but what to remember when thinking about making or wearing the things.

And I also have a guide to get up there on fitting a victorian bodice… it is so counter to modern fitting. I have yet to see a major company use them, even in amazing period dramas.

Good luck with the rest of the process!

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