Bathing Suit

Rudi Gernreich, 1970-1971

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

These two suits (they are different) heavily influenced my Darth Tykhi costume. I wasn’t going to go too close to the original source but it is there.But I wanted a separate skirt and wasn’t sure I’d like to risk all that weight hanging from material at the waist and I also wanted a criss cross belt 😉

Also he is my favourite designer of this time. I really wanted the costumer on a play I was in (set in 1960s NZ) to let my character wear gear like he designed. It suited the character. She wound up in a lot of hippie gear. She would have scoffed at hippies as a trend and would have avoided extreme fashion too.

Clean lines and gear that looked like she could be active in would have been so much better. Especially as you get a sense of superiority from her 😉 Like with Lizzy Bennett.

I am talking about Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing.

Also check out how beautiful the lines work with a curvy hip. She is a teeny tiny model but she has definite curves and these lines just let them shine.

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