Karliah (Nightingale Armor) – Skyrim, Cosplay Progress

The makeup is giving me issues. OTL 
I’ve discovered that making ‘Dark Elf’ look good is pretty impossible without their bone structure. Not to mention, grey skin looks really, really bad in certain angles and light. It doesn’t help that I’m doing this at night with cheapo florescents. I want to get the contouring of Karliah’s face down, maybe do something different with the lips…But once I do the photoshoot outside in the beautiful daylight forest this weekend, maybe things will kinda work.

In the meantime… I may just ONLY wear the mask and never show my full face at conventions. I shudder at the bad angles and lighting that may happen (flash photography oh gawd)….

you have a gorgeous face, but i think wearing the mask adds to the nightingale character.

Gotta agree with Kristen here 🙂 Your face has great angles for photography:) Though you never know how random photos will look :/ And the mask really lets you be able to play with feirce eyes and not worry about what is happening on the other side of the camera 😉 It’s why I love my Shae Vizla cstume 🙂

On the make up side, how dark do you want to go? And how likely are you to need to repair make up during the event? My all time favourite method of make up is to buff in mica powders. Little velveteen powder puff smushed in the pot and the buffed in to prepared skin. It does last if you use a setting spray over (*cough*hairspray*cough*) and because it is semi transluscent it winds up pretty “natural” and your own highlights and shadows play in to it a lot. 

I have major issues with my face flattening out in photos and this is me on high doses of steroids but: 

That was “Emerald” by ChiCHi with some other tones put in.
Also bad photos are bad but similar process here:

In fact I had people running the Body Art Awards ask me how I did that 😉 


Also your costume is looking great 🙂 I’ll have to have a look at the rest of your progress work 🙂

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