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I have also got my Shae Vizla jetpack almost back together again and the arm displays and “buckles” removed for sanding and detailing. So progress on getting her to Celebration 6 complete is in hand 🙂 But step by step so I can still wear her if occasion calls in the meantime 🙂

And I really love my in game armour. I want to make this set so badly.

#swtor bounty hunter gear can be hit and miss in terms of style. I adore the very early sets and the level 40 PVP gear and a lot of social gear. But this set? I *looooooooooooooove* it. 

Dude it is essentially Barbie Fett. But it also reminds me of Zam and Shae at once. I am not even kidding that I want to make this. You can’t really see but there are aurabesh markings on the helm (over the right eye) and on the thigh (right thigh) so I have been screencapping so I can recreate this. And the light under armour? Looove!!!

Please remind me that I already have Shae and a huge historical costume to try and pack in August? That essentially two sets of identical armour (well in theory, there are obvious differences between game and cinematics) would be silly?

Gah, it’s so damn pretty!!!!!!

That belt and those lower legs were crafted by “me” too XD

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