#masseffect two bas ass chicks. One one bad ass, one short ass 😉 That would be me as the shortie.

So cool, so cool, so cool!

These sexy ladies.

/oh god, that need to cosplay samara is rising again…

My typo, it is far too late to fix 😉

Funnily enough I have more than a few extra casts of these tentacles around 😉 And luckily my original Samara tentacles. I probably shouldn’t hug them and squeeze them because they probably did wind up in some odd places….

So the story goes, I was demoing how long it takes to apply a latex piece like this (on Sylvie- Aria above) in case any contestants or regular ‘geddon cosplayers had thought about it, seen the pros and still were worried about it (pros being wonderfully fast and already worked out a lot of the issues you face when learning). Basically a demo of how long it is going to take to prep for a contest and how to plan for it. How messy it can be when you do not have a nice set up, all that.
So I had my Samara tentacles and let them be handed around the room. I figured no one was going to sit through a boring geeky talk if they weren’t there specifically with an interest, or sit there out of politeness. It was a cold room too.

Unfortunately the set, on wig form, went AWOL at the end, and no one was able to see where they were.

Needless to say I was almost in tears, there is some monetary value to a latex cast like this but nothing like as much as was invested in materials and time. But it wasn’t that- they are all I have left of my Samara costume. They have huge sentimental value (I made them, they weren’t bought and painted and assembled- I dedicated easily a hundred hours in sculpting, molding, casting, and painting them.)
I really thought that if someone had picked them up off the floor and had no idea of the kind of work that involved, or cared about it, that they would wind up in a bin somewhere.

I am however tremendously lucky to be part of the most incredible amazingly generous and open hearted loyal community I have ever come across: The NZ cosplay community. Cosplayers I have met but once, and who have not entered or regularly entered the contest were asking me all day if they were found and looking out for them. In fact when they were found, the people who found them did not want to even give them to the Info booth, they wanted them put directly in the hands of myself or Sylvie (who is Aria above).
While it may have saved me a bit of stress had they been given to the info booth, the sentiment behind holding on to them is appreciated- especially as I know a costume has gone astray before a few years ago and the same vast community reached out to find that one too.

Oh yeah, Liara is no where near finished here 😉 But I didn’t want to look like a dork and wear the whole thing around the house to test it. I mean, sheesh 😉 But seriously, buckles, proper undersuit, knee cops, arm armour (made but left in my suitcase as a later addition) freckles…

Oh the gauntlets and greaves are molded leather 🙂 After working with my Shaak Ti apron i wasn’t sure 1.5-1.8mm vege tan would be a heavy enough grade, but it is perfect 🙂

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