Liara Logistics so far:

Paint base is a mix of Latona’s Inks and NZ Airbrush tatoo ink.

Colour is added using pigment powder, for Liara this was a mix of Pearlex Turquoise and pure pigment (not real Turq.! that would be three times the cost 😉 ) in matt. The pearl effect is very very muted as the paint and other pigments knock it back.

I used a goat hair brush to apply a light coat of the base blue then a soft sponge to stipple all over.

The “white” is not actually white but very very pale blue.

The pink is a really nice hot pink from an eyeshadow kit.

Lips are a mix of a glowy pink/purple balm and pale pink stay all day lippy.

Something has happened since I last wore the pieces, or this heavier cast means the headpiece sits differently.

I will limit the Latona’s Inks to the prosthtics and hands. It is a little tougher to remove than the Airbrush Ink or Reel Creations in fact. So I have some in red for Shaak Ti for my hands and where the tentacles rest on my chest.

Costume is far from finished but I had fun 🙂 And know that what I need to do to finish is going to be worth it 🙂

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