The first pair of Adelaide boots are from c.1865-75

The second pair of my favorite due to the curves. These Boots are 1895-1915 and from the V&A.

 The third pair are from the turn of the century made by Maniatis Bottier of Paris ca. 1900-1920 and they are straight from the Met.

And they are most certainly fetish boots (eta: the tall tal ones! Not the others!) 😉 You have no idea how much of modern costuming “knowledge” is actually based on fetish correspondence of the 19thC. Valerie Steele. Read her.


Her work totally opened my eyes to question everything, okay so I found her works while at Uni. so it was going to happen anyway 😉 But yeah. So many fashion and costume books have frankly bad information and no evidence of serious research. Sadly they are the ones most people get to refer to.

Pretty sure there are taller than thigh high boots at Kyoto too…

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