1.) You shouldn’t feel the need to validate your body.

2.) Shaming other bodies to feel better about yourself is counterproductive to body acceptance.

And further to that: don’t try to build up a friend by putting down others. This I see everywhere and especially online. This is everything from “those skinny B*^%%$” to “they are just jealous of your boobs/butt/whathaveyou”. It is very rarely true. In both cases.

Much as I hate societal pressure to look one of two ways (either fashion model or “glamour model” and there is more for the latter in the geek sphere more for the former in the professional sphere) I do not hate nor am I jealous of women who fit those ideals.

I’m not jealous of those who can still dance or perform on stage or can see long distances or can mingle with people without fear of getting extremely sick… it is just how it is.

I may wish I were healthy and beautiful by modern standards but there is no connection between that and jealousy of those who are. Some people cannot understand how there is that distinction, but there is. I compartmentalise pretty easily.

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