Thank goodness for my bonnet dryer- an hour under here & my pin curls will be dry! (Taken with instagram)

My mum has one of these, and I must say it looks truly divine LOL. When I next have short hair I’m going to try out the pin curls :D.

*ahem* You can TOTALLY do pincurls on long hair! Though, I’ll admit, it’s easier to learn with mid range hair, but it does work for long hair. I say try it! This is seriously the best $15 I’ve ever spent!

For long hair it’s best to have the curls sit up so you loo like you have a range of sausages on your head 😉 Curl around the finger, carefully pin the end the finger is poking through, remove finger and pin the other. Voila tubey, sausagey loop that looks like you have an invisible roller.

Trying to do flat pin curls on long hair is an exercise in frustration as you need to take thinner sections and even then you ind up with the curls floating from your head.

I still do my curls this way with my shorter hair.

And for long hair under a wig please please please learn french braids. Four of them create a mat to pin the ends to and also the wig it is infinitely more secure than pin curls. Also it evens tension all over the head so you have far less risk of pulling hair out with pins. I get away with two as I have super fine hair, no matter how many hairs grow from my scalp each hair is very soft. One of our 5th form science experiements was to use a micrometer and I had the second finest hair 😉 Yay for weird mix of genes that have been weirdly expressed (typical natural blonde texture but now with added ginga colour and curl!)

Oh yeah, you can buy bonnet attachments to go over a hair dryer too 🙂 Not sure how easy they are to get hold of but they should be reasonably priced and a safe opton (ie as long as your hair dryer has heat and flow control it should be good :)) I have a goofy pic of me earing one from the day before the Ep III premiere here.

I aso have access to a hood dryer 🙂 They are fun.

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