‘Star Wars Day’ at Sylvia Park shopping mall, Auckland, New Zealand.

yay! Great day 🙂 Though by the tme of the group photo I was feeling the effects of wearing somehting like 14m of fabric, 3kg of foam and latex and bodypaint and contact lenses…

I had a moment of panic in the loos. I had my tiny wee bottle from Reel Creations of developer but couldn’t find my spray bottle of IA. Turns out though you can paint a face and chest with about 10ml of developer, pretty darned cost effective 🙂

Other improvements from SCCP:

Leather panel! I only managed to get the dyes on Friday afternoon and got it all painted that evening as well as polished. The polish covers a multitude of sins. the dye seeps and soaks at different rates on the skin and in the cuts. So yeah.

Brown shading on all the white. The lekku got a dusting with an airbrush (I will be removing and replacing with a duller brown) to shade and knock back the white. If anyone doubts there is that much brown I point to the test check GL approved 😉 One side used brown and black the other just black- she looked very sithy 😉

I did the same to shade around my eyes. A lovely dark maroon and a touch of black. I will avoid my eye area with the paint next time and use water and shadow then a spray of liquiset. The paint holds powder well when airbrushed but is slick when brushed/sponged.

The bald cap is glued to just above my eyebrows, this means there is little risk of the headpiece pulling the bald cap off. It does mean I need to pin the bald cap to a bun to keep the weight of the headpiece pushing forward to create a wrinkle. It did a little but that is because you can’t glue the cap to hair. Although I am thinking of a way to use hair gel for that.

Scarf. A nifty fabric tea dyed and lined with cotton. I am going to deline it and use something with more body.

Better socks in my boots! I felt like I was going to fall over at SCCP as the boots are a little big in place. Cheap tube socks FTW!

Non-improvements: I can’t find my necklace!

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