Some more of the stunning work of Eiko Ishioka

She also did stage work for Der Ring des Nibelungen and Varekai. Her use of red is fascinating, especially in her muscle suit use. The Cell (foam rubber), Dracula (fibreglass armour) and Der ring (lycra and airbrushing and padding). In some ways the Red dress worn by Mina is in this category and links Mina to Dracula even moreso than simply the dramatic colour, it is the pleats and folds cretaing striations in the same way as his armour..

Heartily recommend “Eiko on Eiko” and “Eiko on Stage” also “Eiko and Coppola on Dracula”. Not just eye candy but amazing insights into what takes her work into true art. She has something to say with every piece, they are designed with a mind to design but also character and story and world. This is why she is my hero, the fact that they appeal so aesthetically is a very close second. But it is the stories she weaves into her work- if you look and listen.

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