New year, new list.

So I feel I may have overcommitted myself again this year. Okay not so much committed but for Wanting All the Things again. This is what happens after two years of absolutely dreadful side effects of medicine and coming off medicine and trying monoclonal antibodies…

Yes… the wonder drugs are either engineered proteins or monoclonal antibodies. It’s a bit like being a petri dish after doing a bio degree with a heavy emphasis on proteins, genetics and immuno9logy…

So, I currently want to finish the following:
Fairy Frau
Saya y galerilla y jubon
Liara (Lair of the Shadowbroker outfit)
Glinda Bubble Dress
Worth Sunburst
And a group project for AuckGeddon.

But I need to finish the upgrades to Shae (new greaves and thigh pieces) and Shaak Ti (hammering leather, sigh. Oh I have no photos of the progress so far…
Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App
All the cutting was done in about an hour. Luckily my hands are so crap I was able to cut and not risk cutting through the leather!
I need to pick up some dye, though I am really tempted to try to make my own natural dyes. Black is easy: take some old nails and vinegar:

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