Good night! An actual professional costumer/cosplayer! She made that!

🙂 Not only that but it’s made from Fibreglass (epoxy) and urethane resin (the skirt front and back plates but backed in epoxy). Though the number of times it was assumed I used an easier method… mind you I recently wore a puffball of a dress that was assumed to be very heavy and I really ca’t understad that either 😉

The Vibro Axe was from all sorts of pieces of plastic (PVC pipe, extruded VC sheets, straw, medicine bottle lids)… I actually recently stumbled upon a Wella hairdryer that may be the local equivlet of the Supermax hairdryer used for the originals (though looking at the BTS photos and the new action figure I’m sure she weilded aother weapon in the cut scene).

I also created my own stamping tool for the texture 🙂 I went around collecting a number of different textures to see what worked the best 🙂 I made a small flat tool ad then one that was an edge on. The edge shape was the easiest to use actually.

For my Asari headpieces I created a softer stampig tool and it works really nicely 🙂

I’m trying to colour my hair to that again but do you think anyone in NZ sells a wash out hair colour any more??? That was Napro Live in about three differet shades (chocolate, Rich Burgudy and Mulerry I think).

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