So I thought I'd ask a professional: What DO you wear under the Slave Leia skirt? I know you glue yourself in for security, but do you have anything covering your girl bits, or is it just trusting the drapery? After all, you are a beautiful woman, you're in an environment with (generally) hormonal boys… what's under that?

Well I disagree with the beautiful part but thank you 😉 But yeah in a convention setting there are a lot of people and no I would never risk flashing anyone anything!
It borders TMI but there is not only a bikini bottom under there which is unattached to the skirt but even more fabric also unattached to the skirt to cover that- as wide as the skirt plates allow. This is because the most common cause of costume fail with this costume involves stepping on the hem of the skirt.. if everything is attached then everything comes off! Invisible elastic is one of the greatest inventions, you just need to make sure it stays in line with the upper edge of the hip plates and hip loops or it is a bit obvious.

The glue I use is a prosthetic glue so is skin safe and designed to hold to the skin. It sticks extremely well to all sorts of plastics (the resin for the set is epoxy) but is best on a rough surface. So for some plastic pieces I have sports tape on the back that the glue is soaked into.

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