MDB, Me, Fleyer and RJayne at the Special Childrens Christmas in Auckland.

It’s a charity event for children with chronic illness, or disorders, or deprived in some way. They absolutely loved my Shrek outfit, and I reckon I got more photos than Santa, or in my last 3 Geddons combined! [……]

Oh, this was more fun than Geddon! I am totally doing this again next year and will be encouraging more people to join in. Merry Christmas!!!

md,fngdkfg I had no idea this was even happening!  This is so wonderful. 🙂

I posted it to the forums and on the tumblr account and facebook for Geddon Cosplay 😉 Next year dooooeeet!!!! Seriously it is amazing.

Oh and content for my tumblr 😉 ) Yes, Shaak Ti is nearing completion again 🙂 Still some major and minor tweaks to go but I have a good head start 😉 Shading those lekku and montral as well as possibly some interior support are first.Well that and bevelling all the cut leatherwork. I need to flatten the leather and anchor it to my desk though. Arthritis means I use a lot of tools for holding things. I have an electric can opener for a similar reason 😉

Most impractical Jedi ever!!! Ever!!!!11!!!! It’s not just the body paint (TFU Shaak TI uses a lot more) it’s not just the lekku, it’s not just the robes… it’s how they all interact. The lekku grip the robes which then twist and bunch. I had about 8 safety pins at my neckline holding robes to the most sensible anchor point. Again TFU version has the front lekku tied back which means just the butterfly butt piece grips the costume- which is conveniently tied in place.

Hoods and lekku do not work!

Loved my Reel Creations and Latona’s inks though XD The paints are a-ma-zing. I was sure I’d need to tint the red as it is flaming scarlet, but under different lighting conditions it toned to a more muted shade. And on camera it reacted differently again. It does explain why the test paint and the behind the scenes photos look very different to the studio photos.


What the heck was I thinking? And why oh why am I now obsessed with making a Chagrian and Nautolan sculpt??? Saarai and random NPCs on Hutta that’s why. Sigh.

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