This counts right?

#swtor screenies of my first builds 🙂

Sith Inquisitor

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XD Yeah okay sith tattoos are very cliche but yellow Twi’s are not that common 🙂 I did love the spotted skin decoration though 🙂 They reminded me a bit of octopi markings. They were especially beautiful on the three blue shades. Pretty sure it as three. Markings were not dependent on colour either 🙂

You can also see the clipping issues mentioned for non-human characters with lots of crazy head stuff 😉

Jedi Consular


Zabrak. Seriously how pretty? Those markings were just my favourite. And the photos ended there as I got caught up in the story and just played rather than try to capture it before it all passed by. Tried to use affection on a grumpy beast but it didn’t work. Pretty funny seeing it stomp and make annoyed sounds 😉

Anyway, I had to leave both characters as lag was so bad I was clicking and waiting a minute for movement. Not the game at issue but rather being in NZ and being far from an exchange at that. And then the computer I was using hadn’t been used in months so it was running slow anyway.

And yes, these do count as I am really contemplating more SWTOR goodness. You have heard of Ashara?

Loving her armoured look 🙂 Hoping for more Togruta characters. Would love to play one. Vette is adorable and all kinds of sassy 🙂

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