#shaevizla #swtor


Shae Vizla on Flickr.

Much thanks to this cosplayer (especially since it was the end of Sunday afternoon) for kindly explaining who she was portraying, as I had no idea (but the design was naggingly familiar). I was told that the character originated from the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, which was (and I’m paraphrasing somewhat) “what the prequels should’ve been!”

I couldn’t really disagree with that…

Yay! no trying to work out a txt link to the flickr photo (please note all rights reserved to Brent Keane 🙂

Epic flash for my display on the belt 😉 Blue plastic and reflective tape 🙂 Actually looked quite nice in person 🙂 But I will be working out how to light everyhting up with leds once I work out a good little workstation for my soldering iron. My soldering is pants without one.

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