Alternate Liara armor



Caps taken by Admiral Cheez on the forums, not me. I just felt I should share the wealth with you lovely people over here.

Kaidan, bby, you are perfect in your new high-res existence.  Everyone else looks really good, too.  ALSO I ADORE ALL FOUR OF THESE CHARACTERS SO IT’S BEEN A GOOD DAY. <3

Im am more in love with Liara’s Alt look now…black and shiny red oh yes thankyou! Liking Ashleys alt look too. Though if i made her costume i’d stick to the Spectre colours.

Aw crud. Liara looks even more like me now (jaw/mouth tension and all) No really: the forhead, the chin and mouth and eyes. It’s not often I can say that. And I have the last of my red PVC too. Ahh, crud. I wanted my next Bioware costume to be Blood Dragon armour but this is just too much. It’s a tad scary. Especially as thumbnails. So I guess I need to start patterning. The forhead decorations aren’t too far from Samara’s but I may need to resculpt them anyway.

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