Cosplay Masterclass by Matt & Kristy on Flickr.

This will go on the official tumblr but man this photo makes me proud. I had a ner meltdown just before because I was wavering between wanting a day off and not wanting to pike on cosplayers who had given up time already.
It was nervewracking for us all, and on a quiet day it was probably even harder. However kathy, Alex and Jon all rocked and I loved how we were all able to offer so many ways of doing things.

 Thank you so much for inviting me- I had a ball!… also I love the dichotomy of dressing as RARITY to talk about making 40k Weapons. I am always so inspired when I hear about others processes!

I loved your speaking, Kathy! You were really funny and engaging, and was a pleasure to listen to you speak! Alex as well – she didn’t look nearly as nervous as she felt, and the whole thing was something I would definitely attend in the future!

Also, lol at delivering a Wonderflex plug from the audience. :9 I would love to be a part of this next year – is it too early to start planning a presentation? 😀

Never too early! okay maybe tonight is…

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