My two shows at Tititrangi Drame Inc.

Much Ado was amazing. I got to play Beatrice which is just a gift for an actress. Unfortunately though the opening night was a night I will never forget for all the wrong reasons.

The show went well but it was the big launch night so I was late home- and I forgot my keys. Not wanting to wake anyone I tried to climb the fence to get to the back door. And slipped. Not a big fall, more of a swing. But the inflammation in my wrists never went down and I got random swelling in my knees and ankles and it hurt to breathe.

So I spent the entire run in huge amounts of pain and with a fever that nearly had me pass out backstage. And I didn’t know what was going on. The only relief was with steroids, which should have been the first clue.

Sadly one of the backstage people took major offense at my “dramatising” even though not once did it affect the performance. And I only asked for help a few times to get changed because my fingers were too sore to unzip my costumes.

I was diagnosed about a month later. It was a very fast onset, usually RA develops over a couple of years.

So by the time Market Forces came about I was not having very much fun at the club. Small groups and gossip and all that. Still the part was different and there were some great cast members.

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