The best of Armageddon 2010

Link: The best of Armageddon 2010

Armageddon 2010 came to a close yesterday. An estimated 40,000+ punters poured through the gates over the course of the weekend, and Game Console was in attendance.

BEST COSPLAY I noticed a number of extremely cool cosplay efforts over the course of the expo, but one or two in particular really caught my eye. I have to give special props to Michaela de Bruce, the judge of the cosplay competition. I didn’t realise she was the judge when I first saw her in her Samara costume (of Mass Effect 2 fame). De Bruce later revealed that she spent over 40 hours sculpting the headpiece alone. On day one, she was my pick to take out the competition (until I learned who she was and realised she wasn’t eligible).

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